Scandinavian Kontio Chalets Are In Harmony With Nature

In the mountains you can leave the stress of daily life behind and feel at ease and in harmony with nature. Kontio chalets offer a luxury and unique accommodation solution, aiming to achieve harmony between mind and environment. Kontio emphasizes the use organic materials, sustainability, a natural and straightforward way of building, and the understanding of your and your family’s wishes. We aim to create living environments of exceptionally high quality.

Warm And Energy Efficient - Designed For Arctic Environments

Kontio Ski Chalets come from cold environments close to the Arctic Circle. We have developed technical solutions for extreme conditions with 45 years of knowhow and experience. All our buildings are designed to meet the current energy efficiency standards.

We have created unique winter living concepts all over the world in partnership with property developers and architects. Some examples are Bear Peak Village and Åre Sunset Park in Åre, Sweden. All these winter living concepts share the commonality that they are characterized by quality, luxury, design, balance, and a mutual harmony between the building and the winter environment.