Log Selection

In each Kontio house, we carefully choose the logs to meet the needs of the individual building. The logs we select take both the local climate and local regulations into account, as well as the customer’s personal design preferences. Every Kontio log is made with Kontio Arctic Pine™ as the raw material.

Our range of logs include laminated log profiles with our double sealing solution and Kontio SmartLog™, our innovative new non-settling log. Kontio laminated logs and SmartLog are available in sizes up to 275x275 mm. Our laminated logs are moisture permeable, meaning that they “breathe moisture”, which is important for healthy living and durability, and they are well suited for different styles of design from classic to contemporary.

Kontio Logs



Kontio SmartLog™ is our innovative new solution for modern massive log architecture. Thanks to our new manufacturing technique, Kontio SmartLog™ logs do not settle as they dry, unlike regular massive logs. This gives architects more flexibility in their designs, with the ability to combine building materials and include elements like plainer detailing and simplified corner joints. SmartLog™ technology is also ideal for constructing low energy buildings, and it is especially well suited to individually designed and modern-style homes.

Modern Corners And Joints

Kontio log corners and joints are developed by our in-house R&D who have more than 45 years of knowhow. Their innovations in corners and sealing systems have been tested in our own laboratory for tightness and durability. Corners have a big effect on the style of the house and, in addition to long log corners, we also offer short and modern Eagle Corners and Neo corners.

Corner Options