Kontio SmartLog™ Is An Innovative Solution For Massive Wooden Buildings.

 It offers:

  • Architecture with free design and style for massive wooden buildings
  • The Healthy Living benefits of Kontio Arctic Pine™ massive wood
  • Durable, ecological, and long-lasting construction
  • Advanced engineering and prefabricated joints, details and technical solutions
  • Low-energy building solutions

Free Design

SmartLog™ offers new possibilities for modern massive log architecture. This is because these logs are manufactured using a new technique and they do not settle as they dry, unlike regular massive logs. This feature means that designs can be more flexible, and that various building materials can be combined, while still enjoying the beneficial properties of massive wood. SmartLog™ also makes the use of minimalistic details possible because log settling does not have to be considered and moisture-related dimensional changes in the wood are minimal.

Beauty Is In The Details

SmartLog™ also offers fresh possibilities for interiors.